History of the Boathouse

Exterior of the Bay City Boathouse Prior to developmentThe Jennison Boathouse was constructed in 1921 with an addition added in 1935. It was used as a steel warehouse for the Jennison Hardware Company until the mid 80’s when it was used as a marina and boat sales and storage facility. Prior to the start of condominium development, the facility was used for general storage.

The Boathouse was designed by Freiwald/Staudacher Design, Inc., in conjunction with MacMillan & Associates and Larry Gregory, structural engineering.

Freiwald/Staudacher Design, Inc. is a design firm, formed in 1988, that specializes in custom home design, construction, and interior design for clients who are interested in simple designs with emphasis on exceptional details, functions and quality.

The development and marketing of The Boathouse condominiums was a Rowley/Gregory family project. The sales effort was led by Mitzi Rowley Dimitroff who was assisted by all the Rowley and Gregory family members . . . wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren.

Bay City Condominium

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